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4 Pieces Beauty Set

  • SILICONE LIP SCRUB BRUSH:Best for your lip or nose. Apply lip scrub, then use silicone exfoliating lip brush to make a circular motion with tiny dense bristles, gently exfoliate, and then wipe it off with a paper towel, the exfoliating effect would be incredible.
  • SILICONE FACIAL MASK BRUSH:Facial Mask Brush is easy to apply a thin layer of skin care products evenly, rinse and dry with water, durable, and make full use of the resources of mask mud without waste.
  • FACIAL PAD:Small and soft, not occupy a lot of space, one hand control, easy to carry. Sucker design can be adsorbed on the mirror, tile,strong suction easy to take, drying fast and convenient, no breeding bacteria trouble.

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