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5 In 1 Beauty Blender Set

  • POINTED END:perfect foroneck and face
  • MIDDLE AREA FACE:apply to the neck and whole face
  • FLAT ANGLE:good for under eyes & both sides of nose
  • ROUND SIDE:edgeles design performs well around chin & neck
  • OBLIQUE PLACE:apply makeup on a large area of the forehead and checks
  • CURVED SURFACE:perfect for neck and full fac
  • ROUND BOTTOM SURFACE:perfect for forehead and cheeks
  • BEAUTY BLENDER HOLDER:Metal material, drop-proof, durable, and flexible.Strong air permeability, don’t worry about mold puff. Say goodbye to messy, make puff storage more convenient.

Detailed Description

5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set 5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set-1 5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set-2 5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set-3 5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set-4 5-In-1-Beauty-Blender-Set-5

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