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6 In 1 Manicure Set

  • NAIL CLIPPER:High quality nail clipper with sharp cutting edges.
  • EYEBROW SCISSORS:Shape eyebrow convenient Alice type scissors head.
  • CUTICLE PUSHER:Sharp to cut or scrape away dead cuticle on one end.
  • NAIL FILE:It can sand down the large ridges in your nails,it also helps get the glue off.
  • EYEBROW TWEEZER: Precision-aligned straight tips for a large gripping surface and application purposes.
  • CALLUS REMOVAL FORK: for removing callus, dead skin.

Detailed Description

6-In-1-Manicure-Set 6-In-1-Manicure-Set-1 6-In-1-Manicure-Set-2 6-In-1-Manicure-Set-3 6-In-1-Manicure-Set-4 6-In-1-Manicure-Set-5

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