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Lady Eyebrow Razor

  • REVENTS CUTS & IRRITATION: A facial razor for women that prevents skin irritation. Use on face and body for a flawless finish. Includes safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation.
  • FUZZ FREE FACE: These face razors are ideal for hair-free cheeks, sideburns, chin and neck, as well as shaping, contouring, thinning and grooming unruly brows.
  • GENTLE ON THE SKIN: Features a thin blade that helps minimize uneven skin tone, eases dry patches, and promotes a higher rate of skin cell turnover. Suitable for all skin types and both fine or course hair.

Detailed Description

Product name
high quality portable private label Eyebrow trimmer razors eyebrow razor and facial razor
Product size
Packing size
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Packing weight
Stainless steel + ABS

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